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    Man cutting concrete with saw for concrete demolition

    Cutting Concrete

    Many concrete flatwork projects require specialized cutting tools for finishing or demolition purposes. Concrete expands and contracts over time, so it is extremely important to cut control joints into larger concrete surfaces in just the right way to control where and how those cracks will occur. Our concrete contractors typically employ diamond-reinforced disk blade saws for finishing the shape of a concrete surface such as for cutting curbs or concrete slabs. Cutting concrete may also be required as part of a demolition process to remove key sections of an old surface. SplitRock Concrete Services has the tools and the expertise for any cutting task, large or small. CALL US today for a free quote on our concrete cutting services. Ask us about our concrete demolition services as well, if needed.

    Concrete Core Drilling

    Concrete core drilling is often required in finishing both concrete flatwork or concrete structures to allow for the installation of utilities or to provide anchor points for equipment or other fixtures. Drilling into concrete requires specialized equipment and skill to handle the dense material without doing inadvertent damage. Whether you're building out a new structure, remodeling, or just need assistance drilling and mounting into an existing concrete surface, SplitRock Concrete Services has the core drilling contractors with the experience and the modern tools needed for any concrete project.

    Concrete contractor drilling concrete wall for cabling

    How Does Concrete Core Drilling Work?

    Unlike a standard drill which utilizes a solid drill bit, a concrete coring drill is typically made up of a diamond cutting edge at the end of a steel tube. For larger drilling applications, the rig is anchored to the floor or surface for stability. As the drill is operating, water is fed into the cutter to reduce friction and the associated heat. After the drilling process is complete, the concrete cylinder, or core, is removed leaving behind a perfectly round hole. When done correctly, the process is relatively clean and leaves no cosmetic damage to the surrounding concrete.




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