SplitRock Concrete Services provides several concrete finishing options to meet the desired style for your residential or commercial concrete project. Decorative concrete often presents more cost-effective and more durable options than conventional flooring or outdoor surfaces such as hardwood, linoleum, brick, tile, or pavers.

    Concrete Stamping Contractor

    Don't settle for just plain old gray brushed concrete when building or remodeling. Let our concrete pros transform your driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck, or interior floors with our cement stamping services. Stamped cement installation employs molded patterns often combined with coloring or staining to simulate a myriad of surfaces such as stone, brick, cobblestone, slate, and many more. This process is often more cost-effective and longer-lasting than actually using some of these other materials. CALL US today for a free quote, and our concrete stamping contractors will assist you with designing an attractive surface to meet your needs. See our concrete flatwork options for ideas on what we can do for you.

    What is the Process for Cement Stamping?

    Stamped cement finishing projects typically involve a smaller aggregate to allow for a more uniform consistency across the surface that can more easily be molded into the desired shape. Coloring is typically added when the concrete, itself is mixed. After the concrete is poured into the framework, a concrete finisher will prepare the surface by smoothing and leveling it. A release material is then spread across the surface to ensure the molds can easily be removed from the concrete. As the concrete begins to set, large rubber mats bearing the stamped concrete pattern and texture are laid down into the surface to form the concrete. The process is repeated across the entire surface until complete. Finally, the release material is washed off the surface and it is usually sealed for protection. Depending on the size, type, and use of the surface, concrete cutting may be required to install control joints to manage the possibility of future cracking.

    Stamped concrete driveway with boulder pattern
    Outdoor stamped cobblestone driveway
  • Concrete Polishing Contractor

    Polished concrete flooring is becoming more popular concrete finishing option for both residential and commercial spaces. Concrete polishing is the ultimate no-wax, scratch-resistant concrete finishing option for your floors or outdoor surfaces; it is attractive, easy to clean and maintain, and can stand up to whatever your guests, customers, or employees can throw at it for years on end. Polished concrete is ideal for kitchens, workspaces, bathrooms, laundry rooms, offices, and storage areas where durability is key. Since most structures have a concrete foundation, you can choose polished concrete flooring for a new build or a remodel very easily. Call our concrete polishing contractors today at 928-955-4276 to learn more!

    How Does Concrete Polishing Work?

    SplitRock Concrete Services uses specialized floor grinding equipment to polish any concrete surface to a luxurious sheen. The process involves using finer and finer diamond abrasives to polish the concrete surface down to the desired level of shine and smoothness. You can choose from several levels of concrete polishing options: soft matte finish, low sheen, medium gloss, or high gloss.



    Concrete Staining Contractor

    If you don't want to settle for plain old grey, SplitRock Concrete Services offers a variety of concrete dying and cement staining options and designs to bring life and color to any residential or commercial concrete construction project. Concrete dyes are just that: they simply impart color by penetrating into the porous surface of the concrete. Water-based dyes tend to be more varied in appearance while solvent-based dyes are usually more uniform in color and more suited to specific and precise designs and patterns.


    Cement staining often involves acid-based stains, which penetrate and chemically react with a concrete surface. This can have the result of various mottling effects and can imitate textured appearances of granite, marble, or wood. These are often limited to earthy tones. Water-based stains offer a much wider variety of color.




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